Tile Roofing in Truckee, Tahoe City and South Lake Tahoe

As a reputable roofing company, Mountain Valley Roofing LLC offers tile roof systems that are completely customizable for either commercial or residential properties. As an attractive and practical alternative to more standard roofing applications, our licensed roofing specialists are skilled and experienced with adapting the latest tile roof designs with certified installation techniques and qualified tile roof repair.

Explore a Range of Tile Roof Options

Available in a range of limitless design options, today's tile roofing options offer exceptional durability and energy efficiency that adapts to both cold and warm climates. In addition, Mountain Valley Roofing LLC technicians offer advanced roofing technology that translates to superior protection from water infiltration and ice damage. With an advanced interlocking system that can be tailored to any roof surface, our clients may choose from elegant and durable metal tile roof shingles available in a variety of colors, designs, shapes, and sizes for impressive architectural stylishness that is unmatched by other roofing options.

Tile Roof System installation

As an increasingly popular roofing choice for many property owners, it should be noted that tile roofing is heavier than standard roofing installations. Licensed and insured Mountain Valley Roofing LLC roofing specialists provide professional assessments to determine if your home or commercial building is structurally suited to support a tile roof installation. Proper installation of a tile roof system involves more than just the application of basic roofing techniques and requires the skilled expertise and specialized equipment of qualified and experienced roofing professional.

Proven Energy Efficiency

Mountain Valley Roofing LLC understands that cost and energy efficiency are important factors when choosing a roof system. Metal tile roofing in particular, allows for natural air flow beneath roof tiles that can help reduce heating and cooling costs and keep your property cooler in summer and warm during winter months. Studies have shown that tile roof systems prevent heat loss by up to 70% in comparison to other roofing options.

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